Sailing to the South

Sailing to the South


We arrived at the marina in the late afternoon. Alexandra was waiting for as for the paperwork. The yacht was ready, so the captain and co-captain went to the yacht for the check in. The rest of our team went to the supermarket for provisions. We managed to settle in the yacht in the evening and then enjoyedour dinner in the marina restaurant.

Day 1

After a light breakfast we left the marina heading West with the picturesque Corfu town on our right. At the level of Vido Island and Corfu castle we turned SW, looking at Garitsa bay and the Mon Repos gardens and Palace. We decided to throw our anchor for a refreshing swim overlooking the Palace. We swam up to the Mon Repos coast and we climbed to the Kardaki spring.

Α light breeze blew up and we opened our sales towards Sivota islands. Our trip was not fast, but it was very pleasant, and we avoided to use the engine. We arrived at Mourtos island, at a gulf with light blue waters, called “pisina” or “blue lagoon”, and we stopped there for a swim. We through a piece of bread in the water and the place filled with hungry small fish. In the evening we moored at Sivota marina, where we had already booked a place. Sivota, is a touristic resort with friendly good restaurants, shops with souvenirs and an art gallery!


Day 2

We decided to explore the Sivota islands with our dinghy, avoiding use the yacht in the shallow waters between islands. We moved towards “Bella Vraka” beach, a shallow sandy band connecting an island with the mainland. We enjoyed swimming in the crystal waters of a gulf nearby. We left the marina and sail towards Mourtos island. In the East part of this island, we saw a sea cave and we decided to anchor the yacht and explore it.

A northern wind blew up at the time predicted from the weather forecast. It was exactly what we needed to sail towards Lakka of Paxi island. We enjoyed 2 hours of exciting sailing, and we anchored in the gulf of Lakka. We walked in picturesque village and we ended up to a nice restaurant.


Day 3

The sea was calm in the morning and we decided to sail around the northern part of Paxi, to see the caves of the East coast. The caves were spectacular. We through the anchor and we swam into the biggest cave. We used the dingy to explore smaller caves in the rocky coast.

Round 11 am big touristic boats arrived, and we decided that iswas time for us to leave and sail towards Antipaxos island.

We stopped at the famous Voutoumi beach for swimming. We used the dinghy to go ashore and we climbed to the hill on the South of Voutoumi, to reach the restaurant on the top. The view was fantastic and so was our light lunch.

Since Voutoumi was crowed, we decided to sail to a southern gulf of Antipaxi, to find a nice place for the night. We were informed to beware of southern winds blowing in the night and we anchored our yacht very well. The place was fantastic, with crystal waters and beautiful rocks. We had dinner in the yacht under the stars.


Day 4

After swimming and a light breakfast we used the dinghy to explore the southern part of Antipaxi. We reached Daskalio islands for snorkeling and spear fishing.

We left the small paradise of Antipaxi and we moved to Gaios, the capital of Paxi island. We entered the port from the northern entrance since the southern entrance is swallow. Once we settled, we disembarked, and we walked to the picturesque narrow streets of the port. We made our provisions and filled the water tanks of the yacht.

The wind was in our favor in the afternoon, and we decided to sail to Parga. We anchored at the open gulf “Valtos” and a “sea taxi” got us to Parga town. We walked to the seafront and enjoyed a beautiful sunset. We ended up to a nice restaurant. The sea taxi returned us to the yacht.


Day 5

We decided to go ashore Valtos beach using the dinghy. We pooled out the dinghy and we walked to Parga. We visited the olive museum and the castle. We ended up to a nice café on the hill of the castle.

A southern wind blew up and we rushed to return to the yacht, to take advantage of this favor of luck. We sailed to the north towards Benitses marina where we had booked a place.Benitses  is a touristic village plenty of restaurants and shops. A musical event was taking place at “Achilleion” palace in the evening. The palace was closed for restauration but the beautiful gardens with the statues of Achilles and the goddess were open.  We enjoyed the music of Mozart under a full moon.


Day 6


This is our last sailing day. We moved parallel to the coast. We threw our anchor close to Vido Island to enjoy our last swim and snorkeling and our last lunch onboard. In the late afternoon we had to return to  Gouvia  marina to refuel and for the check out. We took a taxi to Corfu townWe walked around the narrow streets, the kantounia, we visited the old castle and we ended up in a beautiful restaurant.

Day 7

We left the yacht filled with fantastic memories and made a wish to come back for new experiences

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