Sailing to the North

Sailing to the North

Arrival to Corfu

We arrived to Gouvia Marina at 12 am on Saturday. It was a lovely sunny day. We met Alexandra,the secretary of “Ionian challenge”,  and we were informed  that our yacht is about to be cleaned, disinfectedand checked. We left our documents and luggage, and we went to the café and to the marina swimming pool. The yacht was delivered in the afternoon.

Our captain and co-captain went to the yacht with Babis for the check-in. The rest of our team went to the local supermarket for provisions. We met in the yacht after two hours, and we have had a nice discussion with Babis about Corfu and our trip.

Once we have settled in the yacht, we decided to take a taxi and visit Corfu town. We walked around the narrow streets, the kantounia, we visited the old castle and we ended up in a beautiful restaurant.


Day 1

We left the marina on Sunday morning, after a light breakfast, since we wanted to swim. We went around the Komeno peninsula and throw our anchor at the north of the peninsula, facing a beautiful gulf and Ipsos village and beach. We enjoyed swimming and sunbathing. A nice breeze blew up and we decided to sail west, following the beautiful coast. Our plan was to stop at Agios Arsenios , the picturesque shrine described by Darrel. Too many boats were there, so we have taken pictures and carried on towards the northwest.

The West coast of Corfu is marvelous with fantastic gulfs, one after the other, beaches, small villagesand the villas of celebrities,into the olive groves.  We through our anchor at Akoli beach. The gulf is well protected from northern winds and the water was crystal clear. The beach was not crowded since there is no access from the land. We enjoyed swimming and snorkeling and decided to stay there overnight. We enjoyed our dinner on board under the stars.

Day 2

Everything was quiet and calm. We enjoyed our “private pool” and relaxed under the sun. Following a small path, we saw alake, plentyof birds. A paradise for bird watchers. Although it was our second day in Corfu, we had the feeling of being here for weeks. A nice breeze blew up by 12 am and we decided to leave. We sailed towards Peristeres lighthouse island. There are no beaches. Only wild rocks ideal for snorkeling.

We turned towards Kassiopi village. Since the weather was calm, we through the anchor at Avlaki gulf and enjoyed swimming an relaxing. In the evening we sailed to Kassiopi port, where we had booked a aplace. We walked around the small port and ended up in a nice restaurant.


Day 3

After a nice breakfast in the port café, we sailed parallel to the northern coast of Corfu. In less than an hour we stopped for swiming at Gialiskari beach. A favorable light breeze got as to Sidari, to the “canal d’amour”. This place was fantastic. We carried on up to Drastis cape, where we throw our anchor forswimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing. Thanks to a good wind we enjoyed sailing towards Erikousa port, where we had booked a place. We walked in the small village and enjoyed our dinner.

Day 4

Erikousa is a small island with a “forests” of olive trees. We followed the marked paths and we enjoyed trekking all over the island. Then we used the yacht to go to the beach in the East part of the island for swimming. In the evening we returned to the port, and we walked to the “fiki” beach bar to see the sunset.


Day 5

The day was quite windy. So we decided not to go to Othoni island and to take advantage of the “Maistro”, the North west wind,  to enjoy sailing back to Corfu.

Agios Stefanos port, at the East coast of Corfu, was a good shelter. After a phonecall to a local restaurant, we have assisted to moor our yacht to the pier. We walked around in the small village and ended up to the restaurant after a good swim in the beach nearby.


Day 6

We sailed south, parallel to the to the coast, and we through our anchor in the gulf under the famous Rothchild’s villa, for swimming and snorkeling. In the afternoon we went to Agni gulf to moor in the pier of a local restaurant and enjoy our lunch. We had to leave by 16.00, to be in Gouvia marina in time, since the gas station was closing at 18.00. We spend the rest of the day in the marina swimming pool. We had our last dinner on board consuming the remaining food and drinks.


Day 7


We left the yacht filled with fantastic memories and experiences. We made a wish to come back and enjoy our holidays for a longer period.

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